Martin Vidal 2014 Design Resume

Martin Vidal

Dia De Los Muertos Wine Label 2014

Martin Vidal Magazine Mock Up, Logo, Branding 2014

Martin Vidal Ad Mock Up 2014

Heineken x Ultra Music Festival x Martin Vidal 2014


Heineken x Ultra Music Festival x Martin Vidal 2014


Three Years Later is a track off of my new EP “Everything That You Have Ever Lost.”

Download it for free here:

UPDATED Logo 2.0  I had a few friends tell me my old color scheme reminded them of TRON.  No thanks.  So I went with something simple but I like this better because it makes the center of the photo pop out more. 

D.I.Y. 4vr.

Vampire Weekend…

Fucking aye.  Okay, so I like them.  It took a very, very long time.  But I wanna make something clear, remixing Horchata started off as a joke.  One of my best friends loves this song and I thought it would be funny if I attempted to remix it.  I heard it for the first time when I was in a dressing room inside of Urban Outfitters (obvii) at Fashion Island.  I didn’t know who was singing the song but all I knew was that I hated it.  When I found out it was Vampire Weekend I threw up a little bit in my mouth.  So fast forward two months and I went crazy over Cousins and jumped on the wagon.  I have this obsession with editing songs and manipulating the vocals to make it sound like the singer is saying something else.  I ended up falling in love with the direction that my remix was going and I hope you like where it takes you.

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